Budgeting and TaxeS: 60 minutes

  • Learn terminology and key concepts to help you budget effectively and avoid debt

  • ​Understand taxes and the impact on your income

  • Build a monthly budget that empowers you to align your spending with your priorities

  • Take home templates for multiple scenarios (student, part-time work, full-time work)

Finances AND INSURANCE: 60 minutes

  • Learn some basics to help you better manage your money

  • Understand credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts, and interest

  • Review common methods for building your savings

  • Discuss why you need insurance and how to weigh cost vs. benefit

  • Build a financial model to demonstrate the power of savings and impact of interest

independent living: 60 minutes

  • Discuss three elements to independent living and learn what to expect: 

    • What’s involved with renting an apartment

    • Car ownership (registration, maintenance, insurance, mishaps)

    • How and when to vote

communication skills:  30 minutes

  • Learn tools to facilitate constructive conversations, get what you need, and advocate for yourself

  • Discuss the use of neutral language, probing for understanding, and building compromise

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